A public survey gauging reactions to the European Cloud Partnership’s vision document ‘Trusted Cloud Europe’ (TCE) shows high support for many of the Partnership’s key ideas.

Key ideas supported are in particular security balanced with consumer and provider needs, the EU’s data protection and data privacy framework, and clearer rules to resolve contractual or service level agreement disputes.

A clear majority of respondents also agreed on the need for a move from formal to functional requirements for data location. This will support cross-border data flows and the development of Europe’s cloud computing market.

The European Cloud Partnership unites key players from industry and the public sector in support of the establishment of a digital single market for cloud computing in Europe. Its steering board is chaired by Estonian President Thomas Hendrik Ilves, and it also counts representatives from companies such as Ericsson, Amazon, Telefónica Digital, Accenture and SAP as members.

The European Commission has analysed the feedback to the TCE vision and has published a report with the findings.

In the meantime, the Commission has already published proposals setting out a vision for the data-driven economy of the future as well as how to accelerate the transition towards it. It recommends the creation of a public-private partnership, a digital entrepreneurship and open data incubator, boosting Europe’s skills base and the identification of research and innovation priorities for individual sectors.


Background information: see full article in net-cloud future magazine