La storia di successo di Cypriot Startup Covve

Created by Yiannis along with his partner

Following successful testing and alpha launch and with backing from EU structural funds and investors such as Data Elite, Covve has been publicly launched in July. For Yannis, now is the perfect time for budding Cypriot entrepreneurs to strike out on their own. “The appetite for investment in startups is high and so are government grants aiming to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. All these leave few excuses not to consider entrepreneurship in technology.” Yannis and investor Theo Middleton are further adding to the opportunities for support with their company Invelopment Partners which helps young, talented individuals in the ICT/web sector to set up their business.

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La storia di successo della slovacca Startup Goldee

Goldee is a smart light controlling system that caters for users rather than the other way around. A ‘sunrise alarm’ provides gentle rays in the morning, whilst ‘smart on’ and ‘smart off’ turn the lights off when someone leaves the house and back on again when they return. The lights fade out as they fall asleep and if someone wakes up in the middle of the night a dim glow helps them find their way around. There is even a security setting that simulates a presence when the homeowner is out.

The company has just introduced a new Android app and is looking to integrate the use of LED bulbs to make the product even more efficient. They are also working on a Lighting Library to offer different dynamic lighting scenes and moods. The creative possibilities are endless.

Young intrepid entrepreneur Tomas Baran began the Startup on his own in 2013 but has since built a team of 10 and which continues to grow along with the product. ‘Our goal and toughest challenge from the outset was and is to find the best people’ says Tomas. It is this determination that is a key factor in the company’s success.

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La storia di successo di Spanish Startup Sezion

Put simply, Sezion helps transform large amounts of data into online, personalised videos. The automatic video editing technology allows companies and developers to create new videos from preexisting ones or even create videos out of written and audiovisual content on the Internet. Images, logos, music and all other content can be included with minimum effort. This enables companies to enhance their SEO, their branding and ultimately grow their sales.

Buoyed by support and funding from the European Commission, ENISA” and the ministry of cuture education sports>, Sezion has been a finalist or semifinalist in over a dozen awards in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Brazil and Spain. An original market idea, backed by unflagging passion even in times of difficulty from its founders Jonatan” bertuzzi> and Twitter,” and miss other success stories from target=”_blank”>Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia and Spain.


La storia di successo di Greek Startup Incrediblue

Incrediblue aims to provide an easy way for travelers to organize better, more affordable holidays. The online platform allows those looking for a boat holiday to talk to owners, compare prices, see photos of the vessels and complete their booking, so that they can get the best deal with minimal fuss. Smooth sailing is the key.

With the help of the European Commission’s Antonios” fiorakis>, encourages other young people to consider the path of ICT or web entrepreneurship as it is possible to create a startup with the potential for growth at a relatively low cost. And always remember, ‘your people, your team are the most important asset”.

Follow the Incrediblue team and find out more about their business on linkedin” or visit their miss other success stories from target=”_blank”>Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia and Spain.


La storia di successo dell'Italian Startup Beintoo

With Beintoo everybody wins. Gamers are rewarded with real-world prizes as well as ‘Bedollars’, whilst brands can make the most of mobile advertising. With innovative gamified apps, Beintoo is changing the way that brands engage with their customers. BeClub, Beintoo’s mobile engagement platform, works on three main principles:

  • It creates engaging and rewarding experiences for gamers around the world;
  • It gives brands the opportunity to capture the imagination of millions of mobile users;
  • It helps app publishers to reward user activity, increase revenues and grow their user-base.

Using this innovative business model and with help from a starting investment by Business Angel, Beintoo has already achieved successful results since its beginning in 2011. It is becoming increasingly popular on a global level, with headquarters in New York, Milan and Shanghai. The company was founded by CEO Adright,” which is now part of spa>.  With his wealth of experience and creativity he is a role model for young entrepreneurs who want to start a business in ICT. CFO of Beintoo ” facebook>, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia and Spain.