Tips for Choosing the Right Solicitor

Solicitors or legal practitioners for individuals or businesses are known to offer strategic advice and apply sophisticated technical skills to legal problems as and when they arise. It’s your job to identify the right lawyer for you or your business. Most startups rely on recommendations from others in the same industry to select a solicitor to handle the basic legal issues of starting a business. Others also rely on recommendations by friends. Online and printed local business directories have also proven to be useful for individuals who need special assistance in a case that needs urgent legal representation. It is no surprise to ‘Google’ your way to the right lawyer in your city or locality.

A lot of factors are considered by many when the decision arises to seek legal assistance. These factors apply to your personal life and your business. Expertise, fees, reputation, and success rate are crucial in the choice of solicitors. People meet solicitors on daily basis for employment issues, incorporation of new businesses, stock options, intellectual property etc. Buying or selling your personal or business property, especially for the first time, is one of the most important points in your life and therefore can also be a stressful process. Selling or acquiring properties for your business or yourself requires the conveyancing solicitors assistance. Mortgage finance and joint ownership of property needs to be done right, seek the services of a qualified and professional solicitor.

Law has different fields of study and most lawyers limit their practices to a small area of study. There is too much for solicitors to know to keep up with a variety of fields of study. Recommendation has worked for many people in the past and is still very important in the decision making process. Family and closest friends can be of immense assistance in your choice of the best and competent lawyer. Even if the solicitor does not practice in the field of your requirement, he or she can recommend another solicitor. Make sure you do your due diligence to make sure you are hiring the best out there who wins. It’s your obligation to ask questions of the attorney before the final decision is made. To make an informed decision, you can also check out the solicitor on Google or other search sites to find out how he or she has performed in the past.

If you are fortunate you can find lawyers who would provide free initial consultation. There are others who would have a fee for any kind of consultation. Look out for free consultations first, you may not even need a lawyer after the consultation. If you are dealing with a technical issue about your life or business, make sure your solicitor understands your special startup or personal needs and be he or she must be actively practising.

Whatever your peculiar situation, you will have to make a choice when the need arises. Recommendations, brochures, marketing, yellow pages or Google can all play a part in your final decision. Make an informed decision and choose your legal consultant with care.

[VIDEO] Fred Wilson: The Magic Formula For The Perfect Startup

Questo è uno dei video più brevi sui suggerimenti di avvio. È la magia di 15 secondi. In questo breve video di NY Tech Meet Up, il noto VC Fred Wilson spiega ciò che pensa sia la startup perfetta.

In poche parole, la giusta + l’idea giusta + il prodotto giusto + il momento giusto + il mercato giusto = la magia