Have you ever thought about how a rich man books his luxury vacation? Do they scroll across various websites or go for some inquiry calls? Or do they compare the hotels and flight prices on various sites?  

Do they even have time to surf? 

Obviously not, right?

And this is a place where Concierge came in the picture. A concierge who will perform every task on behalf of you likes scheduling a vacation or meeting, making the party arrangement as per your instructions, reminder of the important events and much more.   

But, what’s this buzzword “Quintessentially” in the market?

Well, Quintessentially is one of the largest concierge companies worldwide. But before having a deep dive in it, first, we will go through what is concierge service?

Brief on Concierge Service 

So, the concierge is about an individual or a company that has specialized in providing personal assistance or any such assistant service. A concierge will handle every single task for yours, and you need to pay them on a monthly or hourly basis as per your niche.  

The main goal here is to save the time of an individual by performing their regular tasks. Every single thing is managed by a Concierge as per your requirement. And the best part is concierge is spreading in every field like medical, lifestyle, hotel, travel, wedding and much more. 

So, now you have a complete idea of what is a concierge, so let’s get through the biggest hit of the Concierge service –  Quintessentially.   

World’s Best Concierge Company – Quintessentially

Yes, it is the most successful concierge company with a turnover of approximately $202 million. 

It was commenced in 2000 and by now, it is one of the most luxurious concierge service platforms globally. The cofounders of  Quintessentially are Ben Elliot, Paul Drummond, and Aaron Simpson. Now, Quintessentially has appointed Annastasia Seebohm as the CEO Globally.    

It has its offices in 63 cities and has 33 sister companies under their roof. Quintessentially is the winner of many popular concierge and prestigious travel awards like World Travel Awards’ Europe’s Leading, Conde Nast’s Best Concierge Company, etc. 

Quintessentially especially works to take care of the demands of users. The only thing which makes it different from other concierge services is its three-level service. These users have three ways to purchase the services as given below.  

General level:

It is a reactive service, where a user needs to write about their requirements to Lifestyle expert. And they will work as per your request. 

Dedicated Level: 

It fulfills a user’s need on the react level as well as reaches out to the user proactively. They provide extraordinary service to the user as per their preferences. 

Elite Level:

 It provides a user with four managers across the globe to manage every single thing asked by a user. And these managers are the most experienced ones.

This way, Quintessentially provides users with three types of Concierge service. And this level is one of the reasons behind its success. 

The personalized service is a major attraction by most of the clients. Here, a concierge will know every single thing about you and accordingly arrange every important event of your life. Something like your kid’s birthday, your anniversary, company events and a lot more. You just need to sit back and relax, everything will be conducted by your concierge. 

The company has various price ranges for this three-tier starting from $5,500 to $45,000 per year. The company has a vast range of clients which includes celebrities, well-known entrepreneurs,  sports person and more.      

Reason Behind Quintessentially Success

So what made Quintessentially such a huge brand and multi-million company? 

The main reason behind it is the high-quality concierge service they provide and making some impossible demands come to reality. Some unachievable demand fulfilled by them are:

  • Setting up a complete James Bond  scene right from the kidnapping on the streets of London
  • This one was the best, that organizing a dinner date on an ice-berg
  • Closing the Sydney Harbor Bridge to let a client propose his finance
  •  Flying a pet in the Private jet

So, these were some of the impossible tasks which Quintessentially made possible. Thus, now you understand the reason behind its success. 

And another reason behind its success is Quintessentially fearless CEO Annastasia Seebohm. She took the company to a whole new level with her efforts and smartness.  

After she joined the company, in a lesser time she became the global CEO at Quintessentially. In 2017, the revenue of the Quintessentially was $100 million. And later, she upstreamed the company’s revenue by $100 million in a short span of time. That means, just in the last two years the Quintessentially turned to be $202 million company. 

Some part of Quintessentially revenue is generated from the Real Estate. Here is a short video to give a short glimpse of Quintessentially’s real estate. 

Wrapping up

So, this was all about Quintessentially’s success. They have fulfilled almost every demand of their clients right from arranging a party at the place Madonna is performing to book a dinner date on a yacht in Southern France. 

The key reason for success is their dedication towards their clients. And high-quality luxurious concierge service they provide.