With only 0.01% of companies considered large enterprises, transforming a small business into a powerful corporation could prove to be quite a challenge. 

That said, the real question is – how do some entrepreneurs manage to scale their business?

Pavel Melnikov, an established businessman and investor from Russia, is willing to share his story on how he managed to become one of the leaders in the sanitary and plumbing industry and achieve success in the entrepreneurial world.  

Pavel Melnikov: A short biography 

Pavel Melnikov is an ambitious Russian entrepreneur and founder of many successful Russian companies that are involved in the trade and manufacture of high-quality sanitary products. Moreover, this prominent businessman is considered to be one of the major trademark holders with over 100 patents that helped develop and encourage the Russian sanitary industry.

Born in 1964 in Leningrad (today’s Saint Petersburg), Melnikov graduated from Leningrad Electrotechnical College and went on to extend his education at the Leningrad Mechanical Institute, where he specialized in Radioelectric equipment. 

After completing his formal education, Melnikov changes his focus and starts pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.  He devotes all his efforts, knowledge, and resources to finding and developing innovative heating, plumbing, and sanitary solutions that he felt were just what the Russian market needed at that time.

Driven by his ambition and outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, Pavel Melnikov established several profitable companies and brands that quickly became leaders in the Russian plumbing and sanitary industry, such as VALTEC, Vesta Regions LLC, Energoresurs LLC, Moscow Region, Minkor, Tenrad, and Brixis. 

So, what’s the secret of his success?

Analyze the market demand and customer needs

Once Pavel Melnikov decided to venture into the business world, the first thing he did was to analyze the market conditions and prevailing trends in the sanitary industry at that time. He was looking for a gap in the market, trying to pinpoint a product or a service that was both in demand and had growth potential. 

The analysis showed that the sanitary market in Russia lacks efficient, modern, and innovative heating and plumbing solutions, so Melnikov invested all his resources into research and development of sanitary products and equipment that was just what the Russian market was looking for.

After Pavel Melnikov realized that modern heating systems are what the plumbing industry was in dire need of, he founded NovaTerm LLC, a company engaged in importing quality radiators from Italy that quickly started to generate profits. Since the market also lacked quality sanitary and plumbing products, Melnikov decided to create another successful brand – VALTEC. VALTEC is one of his most recognizable businesses that focuses on developing high-quality sanitary products and plumbing equipment.

This just goes to show that a comprehensive analysis of the market proved is crucial for business expansion – it is what allowed Melnikov’s business to generate enough revenue to secure its advancement and further growth. 

Develop a feasible business plan and an effective financial strategy 

Another essential step in building a successful business is to take some time to devise a sound business plan and a viable financial strategy that will help you move your operations in the right direction. Planning ahead will allow you to set clear goals you wish to achieve, monitor your progress and make changes if necessary, as well as keep track of your finances by creating a budget and learning to manage your expenses.

Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for any new market trends and business opportunities that may emerge in time, since reevaluating your strategy and making sure it’s up-to-date with current market changes is vital if you want to see your business thrive.

This proved to be true in the case of Pavel Melnikov. With a carefully defined business strategy set in place, and a financial plan that allowed him to manage his finances efficiently, thus avoiding overtrade, Melnikov’s business soon started expanding and he became the owner of several Russian companies that quickly became profitable, such as Brixis, BIS No. 1, Tenrad, and Minkor. 

Keep your offer diverse and adjust to the market

Innovating and updating your product, as well as making sure that you have a diverse enough offer that will allow you not only to satisfy but to exceed your customer expectations, is what will set you apart from your competition and enable you to truly scale your business.

Pavel Melnikov understands the power of product development and, being an innovator himself, constantly works on improving his products and enhancing his offer. With more than 100 patents available on the market, it’s safe to say that he is one of the most remarkable innovators in the plumbing and sanitary industry. 

This visionary thinking enabled Melnikov to offer his customers the most technically advanced sanitary solutions, which in turn allowed him to stay on top of the curve, set the industry standards, gain a competitive advantage, and ultimately transform his business into a large enterprise.  


Scaling your business and becoming an established entrepreneur is by no means easy, but it is possible, and the story of Pavel Melnikov is a great proof of that.

As long as you are determined, hardworking, innovative, and willing to plan ahead, your chances of seeing your business thrive are excellent. Just remember – success doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient, and your reward will come.