Building a profitable business takes time and effort especially an internet business. Most businesses do not get the needed attention and customers to scale from a small business to a high growth business. Neil Patel, a serial entrepreneur, blogger, and an  investor is the co-founder of  Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Neil has consistently shared resources, tips and howtos for growing a profitable business or blog on his site-Quick Sprout. The following are some of his thoughts and advice on ways and strategies you can grow your business or blog.

  1. If you have a competitor ranking high for a term you’d like to rank high for then you need to figure out who is linking to their website.
  2. You don’t have to get big fast, you just have to have enough money to keep on going.
  3. Whether it is a business partner or the right employee, you can’t be afraid to give away equity.
  4. Using your own money to start your business is always a good thing, but there isn’t anything wrong with using someone else’s money.
  5. When you get a boost in traffic from an unexpected source, like a big blogger or media site, the best thing you can do is follow up with another post as soon as possible.
  6. The reason I tweet quotes is because it’s not only causing my followers to get used to retweeting my stuff, but I am also growing my follower count through this tactic.
  7. Networking doesn’t have to take place offline. Every week I try to get to know at least 5 Twitter users that have over 20,000 followers.
  8. Getting retweets isn’t an art, it’s a science.
  9. It’s always helpful if you have a board or advisory panel that can help you make the transition. Even if it’s a coach, mentor, or a CEO who’s gone through the same transition before, it’s helpful to have outside help.
  10. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be that smart… you just have to be smart enough.
  11. Go through this list and see which companies you can sell your product or service to.
  12. Once you have determined who would be a good fit, look up who the CEO of that company is and Google their name with the word “email” in it so you can find their email address.
  13. The goal of this email is to get in touch with the decision maker of the department you are trying to reach.
  14. Message boards may sound boring and dull because they’ve been around for years, but they are still effective.
  15. Marketing doesn’t have to cost money… it just requires creativity.
  16. The best way to educate the market is through blogging.