This impressive story is MASSIVELY IMPORTANT for anyone who plans to use social media to market their business!

Here is an amazing account of how a florist generates almost all of his business income from social media. has gone from $0 – $335k in a year. This post analyses how they ‘Aquire Customers‘, ‘Convert Those Customers‘ and what ‘Tools they use‘ to host and work this awesome business! This interview was originally spotted on reddit and granted to Dan of

Why The Business is so Successful?

Their secret lies in their Social Media Execution as well as having cool products. As most of us know Social Media is a relatively difficult nut to crack. However the EcoFlower team have managed to drive large volumes of targeted traffic using PPC Facebook Ads and Organic Instagram Activity. They have no other methods (currently) of generating traffic to the site.

A key Principle that was reaffirmed to me in this interview is that its better to focus your efforts on mastering one activity rather than being the Jack of All trades. The business focused all of its efforts on mastering Facebook Ads and Organic Instagram activity and from these two activities was able to generate the $335k they finished on after the first year!

What Techniques are They Using on Social Media?

Facebook Ads & the 60X ROI!!

All the Ads they used were promoted posts/Newsfeed Adverts. When analysing the key Facebook Ads that had the best ROI for EcoFlower there were three elements that stood out that enabled them to gain a Reach of 1.2Million from a $600 Ad Spend.

1. Shareability
2. Incentive
3. Urgency

For Context: The Best Perfoming Facebook AD – Part of Campaign Launched around Valentines Day that had a Spend of ~$1k but resulted in OVER $60K in Revenue.

According to /u/FamilyBannerMichael the key to the success of his Facebook Ads was that he encouraged the ‘tagging’ of friends/family in each of their best performing adverts. The tagging allowed for an increase in Reach as it would then show the advert in both the Originally Targetted Persons Newsfeed then most of the friends of the person they tagged.

The founder Stated:
“our ‘tagging’ posts perform much better than those that encouraged just commenting etc” He went on to conclude that: “In most of the Ads, the tagging CTA doubled the reach of the promoted post.”

In each of the better performing ads there was always an incentive (Coupon/Discount Code) that encouraged people to click through the advert – If you look at the example given in the gallery above you can see this via the ‘LOVE30’ code.

In most of their best performing Adverts there was a deadline by which the offer presented in the advert would expire encouraging individuals to act now rather than later., compounding the effectiveness of the Incentive.

Organic Instagram Traffic Generation

Now this actually impressed the hell out of me – a good % of their sales (no accurate data given) was coming from organic instagram activity on their Business Instagram account. I enquired as to what exactly was their secret formula – what tricks were they using? Turns out they weren’t. They were just doing good old ‘white-hat techniques’ that grew the instagram account and their interactions over time. That combined with good photographs and good practices (tagging, responding promptly, reaching out to customers etc…) resulted in a highly effective and completely free method of traffic generation…
Impressive stuff…

How are they Converting that Traffic?

Getting Traffic to your site is one thing but if you are not set-up with a high converting website its all just money down the drain. The EcoFlower team have done a smashing job of creating a high converting website by ‘using what works’. As I mentioned at the start of this post, the EcoFlower team use Shopify to Host their Website and act as a Payment Processor for the company. Now Shopify (in case you dont know) is an ‘all-in’one’ ecommerce solution that provides themes that they know convert well. So you dont have to revinvent the wheel.

EcoFlower simply used a nice clean Shopify theme hosted their products and let Shopify do the rest. The simplicity of this business is what makes it so clever imo. With the high volumes of targetted traffic they are sending to their site, the ecoflower team only needed to produce high quality products and follow up with their customers (which they do through a newsletter and instagram) and they have been able to create a rapidly growing business in one year. Textbook stuff. Credit where Credit is due, thats pretty fucking amazing…

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