Automattic is the company behind and VIP, the cloud version of WordPress. Automattic hosts and supports all sites ensuring that there is continuous and strategic development of the software available to its users. WordPress powers at least 19 percent of the Web. Automattic  is now valued at $1.16 billion thanks to a new $160 million funding round in May 2014. Even though the company has a great San Francisco office, Automattic doesn’t consider location when hiring employees. Workers are scattered across over 141 cities and 28 countries

The company uses chat rooms, Google Hangout video, and its own blogging tools instead of email and conference-room meetings. In this way, they update and support WordPress, which is open source software. Open source is a way of writing software in a community. Anyone in any location who uses the software can write code for it, employee or not.

In an interview with Business Insider, Matt Mullenweg (Co-founder of WordPress, Founder of Automattic) shared how the company grew into a startup worth over $1 Billion with no office workers.