Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN, reads See You In) is an initiative to connect the pan-European and Indian startup ecosystems. SEU-IN brings together key stakeholders in order to create seamless engagement and foster growth, investments, and collaboration between the European and Indian startup ecosystems.

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In the era of Digital and ICT changing every industry, innovation and disruptions can come from anywhere. While Startups have rightly recognized this fact and are globalizing their impact, Startup ecosystems have largely remained local. SEU-IN is the one-of-a-kind initiative focused on globalizing two major Startup ecosystems.

SEU-IN target stakeholders are Startups, Scaleups (growth companies), Investors (VC, Business Angels), Corporates, Incubators, Accelerators, Innovation Agencies, Public Initiatives, entrepreneurial Universities, partners with the Media, and relevant change-makers focused on Europe and India. SEU-IN focuses on increasing collaboration, growth and investments within and between the ecosystems by creating a channel for seamless engagement.

Its sector focus is on digital and ICT and, particularly, its intersection with other 10 core areas: Fintech, Cyber security, Intelligence (data, machine, and artificial), Smart Cities, Edtech, Agritech, Waste Management, Health teach, and Government and Business tech – areas where Europe and India have the strong need and/or offering.

SEU-IN is therefore launched to tap into the untapped opportunities of working together. This initiative is a unique network, built from the bottom-up by people who are in the business, bringing together key stakeholders and change-makers to collaborate, build strategic partnerships, create value, expand and invest within and between the European and Indian markets.