With the map, the Startup Europe initiative wants to help startups and corporates to establish contacts, share experiences and retrieve funding among other European key players – just a mouse click away.

Last February’s Startup Europe Week 2016, was an eye-opener on the main obstacles to the creation of a European ecosystem. More especially, the lack of knowledge of the support and advice available was raised as well as the fact that many initiatives stay unknown to the greater public, including European Commission ones.

That is why within the framework of the Startup Europe Summit 2016,, the Startup Europe initiative is announcing the launch of the Startup Europe Map.

One of the map’s main aims is to identify everyone who plays a part in the building of the startup ecosystem. By having a space on the map, it’ll be easier for relevant stakeholders to identify accelerators, incubators, investors, corporations, universities and public administrations involved in their environment.

Another great purpose of the map is to promote best practices by making them public thereby facilitating their sharing and replication. The whole map will be divided by sector, which will then be further grouped according to country, support and organizations.

But, to achieve this challenge, we need startups and corporates to join the community by signing up. Doing so, your business will gain visibility, get support and, connect and collaborate with key actors.

Join in and keep a look-out: Africa and India are on their way too!!