Amongst the many people with various different skills, it’s not always easy for companies to find exactly the person they are looking for. Slovakian Startup Inhiro comes to the rescue with its innovative HR tool.

Inhiro is an online tool that helps companies to find their ‘heroes’, in other words talented individuals who will bring value to their business. It helps companies to create job advertisements easily, track and recruit their applicants. It then makes the most of social media so that existing connections can help spread the word. Inhiro is a great example of how a web business can thrive in the current economic climate.

Inhiro started out as a tool for internal use created by Websupport to improve the organization of their recruitment process; now over 1,500 companies use Inhiro, including those from the US, Netherlands and Brazil. The German speaking region of Europe will be its next area of focus.

Managing Director of InHiro, Andrej Steiner says “The Internet can create so many opportunities. Launching an online business has never been easier.”

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