By facilitating communication and simple interactions, web Startups are creating exciting new opportunities in a range of different fields. With Wisergo, an online marketplace for customised travel packages, finding a truly authentic experience abroad has never been easier.

Portuguese Startup Wisergo is an innovative digital platform which connects travellers with local travel experts. Through its online services, Wisergo makes planning and booking a trip, as well as finding help at the other end, a hassle-free task. What is more, the direct communication with locals allows tourists to gain insider knowledge about the place they are visiting. Travellers simply type in their interests and preferences so that local travel experts can design a package to fit their needs. Travellers can then choose and personalize their favorite package and are guided by their local expert throughout the trip.

Wisergo has already sold more than € 1,000,000 worth of travel packs since its launch. It has a continually growing user base and is planning to expand the platform to other markets in Southern Europe. Pedro Santos Vieira, Co-Founder and CEO of WiserGo, believes that, with the help of a business incubator, Wisergo has the potential to grow into a successful international business and will revolutionize future travel experiences.

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