This interview is part of a series of messages from young European entrepreneurs to their peers. Considering the entrepreneurship path? We did it, you can do it!

Why entrepreneur and not employee?

Basically, we decided to set up our own company for a couple of reasons. First, we had a dream, and I think that’s very important for anyone who wants to start a company. Second, we wanted to encourage people to believe in the same dream we had.

To be an entrepreneur means …

Being an entrepreneur means having no sleep and no social life, insofar as you are constantly focused on your business, because it’s your passion, it’s your dream, and because you must believe in it. I think that a lot of people in your surrounding will be intrigued by what you’re doing and will ask you questions. Therefore, even if you want and if you try to switch off, it will always be about your business. Being an entrepreneur is also fantastic because you can inspire other people in doing the same.

Your advice for potential young entrepreneurs ….

My main advice is: believe in what you’re doing. I’ve heard tens and tens of friends willing to undertake such adventure but ending up never doing it. I myself never thought of starting my own business until a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to work with him and I just said ‘yes!’ immediately and decided to quit my job straight away. You have to throw yourself into it and then figure out what is going to happen next. You must also understand that many things are going to change in the course of the setting up phase. You don’t need to stick to your idea 100%. You can always change your directions, which is the reason why you must always remain flexible. And the passion you have in your idea is what matters in the end.

The interview was held on the occasion of the StartUp Europe Roadshow closing event, organised on the second day of UNCONVENTION 2014. For more interviews of this kind and the video summarising the interviews check HERE.

Michele Cuccovillo is Founder and CEO of Netberg (UK), an online business network bringing SMEs on the Internet.