This interview is part of a series of messages from young European entrepreneurs to their peers. Considering the entrepreneurship path? We did it, you can do it!

Why entrepreneur and not employee?

It was a really difficult choice to make. I had already several years of professional experience in international companies and it was hard to admit I did not want to be an employee anymore but would rather start my own business. And then I realized one thing: what if I was not able to pick up my kids from school anymore after long working days in the company? Therefore I simply thought I wanted to become the decision maker of my own life.

To be an entrepreneur means …

You must be extremely motivated and ready to handle conflicting situations with people. Having the experience to know how to work with a variety of personalities from different backgrounds is quite useful too. It is important to nurture your professional network in order to collaborate and share ideas in the most efficient way, which is part of the entrepreneurship spirit. If you have it, you can achieve about everything.

Your advice for potential young entrepreneurs ….

I do encourage young people with the adequate entrepreneurial mind-set to start their own business. The only thing they have to do is to seize every opportunity and be mentally prepared to be ‘exposed’ to everybody. If you fail, take a deep breath, learn from that failure and start again.

The interview was held on the occasion of the StartUp Europe Roadshow closing event, organised on the second day of UNCONVENTION 2014. For more interviews of this kind and the video summarising the interviews check HERE.

Kristina Tsvetanova is Founder of BLITAB Technology (Austria), a future tablet for blind and visually impaired people.