Connected creatives with app developers

General Information
The Netherlands
In 2012
Business Failure
Business Outcome
By 2015
Cause of Failure
Failure To Pivot
Founders & Employees
Number of Founders
Name of Founders
Aernoud Dekker, Milan van den Bovenkamp
Number of Employees
Between 1 And 10
Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount
Number of Investors
No Data

SellanApp sought to be the solution for people who had a great idea for an app but no resources or experience to actually materialize it on their own. The startup provided a crowdfunding model that would connect people with interesting apps concept with experienced app developers. After a user presented his/her app idea, anyone could show their interests in using the app and pledge to fund its development. The Apple App Store would then hopefully convert the idea into a revenue stream for the founders and the pledgers.

Cause of Failure

SellanApp targeted people
without coding expertise or funds to make their App ideas emerge. Their App was
initially successful and they took a step for App store optimization and
worldwide promotion but this never lasted.

One reason Sellan App
failed was linked to an unhealthy partnership whereby the two co-founders
weren’t able to jointly run the business and there was a lack of transparency
in terms of how the company was actually doing. They failed to have
constructive dialogues on how to move forward or improve the platform. The
company seemed to have lost focus multiple times, raising seed investments but
never really changing their business model. The company finally suspended its
services and filed for bankruptcy although it’s still not clear what exactly
caused their finances to get out of control.

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