Brought local chefs to private households

General Information
Food and Beverage
United States
In 2011
Business Failure
Business Outcome
Shut Down
By 2016
Cause of Failure
Founders & Employees
Number of Founders
Name of Founders
Brendan Marshall, Ian Ferguson
Number of Employees
Between 11 And 50
Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount
Number of Investors

Kitchit mission was to make you enjoy the dining experience by letting you book local chefs and bringing them to your doorsteps. Meals were served at the client’s home and yet were more affordable and convenient than going to high-end restaurants. Kitchit offered three signature menus that featured starter, entrée, and dessert and had meals that would appeal to vegetarians as well. Unlike other service providers which delivered ready-made meals or sent ingredients only, Kitchit made sure to take care of the whole dining process from acquiring ingredients, cooking it and cleaning up afterwards.

Cause of Failure

Kitchit was a popular service and people appreciated the fact that the experience the company brought them by allowing them to have tasty food at their own house and still being able to entertain guest instead of being busy in the kitchen. The on-demand food market was already very competitive and they had to compete with other food providers in the same market including Chef’d Up, ChefSurfing, VanChefs and Hire A Cheft. Even well-funded ventures in this sector had tried making a profitable long-term business but failed. Kitchit changed business strategy a couple of times but was not able to make enough profit margin to sustain its operating costs.

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